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PX3684 of controller of power of heterogeneous of type of Primarion new-style nu
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The subsidiary below banner of Ying Feiling science and technology, be engaged in digital power integrated circuit (IC) design, make and the Primarion of company of mixture signal semiconductor of sale, roll out PX3684 for current advanced computation and communication market -- controller of power of heterogeneous of type of a number.

Dynamic and phasic attune is energy-saving force conduces to the efficiency when increasing light load

The phasic adjustment of PX3684 control is to be based on inserts biserial to insert memory module continuously (DIMM) amount, when the maximum that allows under place when the amount of DIMM, it can optimize systematic efficiency. When increasing DIMM, can enable additional phasic, be based on the processing capacity with the current system of PX3684 in order to increase, thereby more DIMM insert drive groove.

PX3684 supports the phasic adjustment of two kinds of mode to control: The user is controlled and control independently. In the user control mode falls, systematic main control implement the I that will pass controller2CBus line is serial the dynamic and phasic adjustment of interface drive PX3684 function. Below own mode, decrease according to outputting voltaic level on average and / or increase phasic. Decrease when smaller negative charge phasic can improve efficiency several percent, reduced the power cost of cycle of whole product life greatly at the same time.

Deepak Savadatti of Primarion sale vice-president expresses: "In current computational market, efficiency is everything. Had inside the own and phasic adjustment of buy and loop optimizes ability, PX3684 can provide the efficiency of more than 90% in whole moving range, solved this crucial trade problem thereby. When the threshold value that reduces an user to appoint when average electric current is the following, own and phasic adjustment reduce phasic amount; When average electric current exceeds this one threshold value, increase phasic number. PX3684 makes power source | Manostat architect can monitor performance of real time system, optimize a design quickly, solved thereby by a hard nut to crack that needs to provide power, implementation is dynamic and energy-saving at the same time, and do not raise totle drilling cost. And do not raise totle drilling cost..
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