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An Sen beautiful semiconductor pushs integrated LED driver and ambient light fee
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It is reported, an Sen beautiful semiconductor (ON Semiconductor) rolls out NCP5890 of component of an illume management.

As we have learned, NCP5890 has 30V to output voltage ability, the glow that drive establishs ties 2 extremely body, act of implementation LCD firebug is balanced be in a poor light. In addition, this component controls Led of 3 groups of Bai Guang or primary colors of red green Lasan (RGB)LED, an adornment Guang Tuan can be built on clavier or batholith. This driver can adjust according to the brightness of ambient light back photocurrent, lengthen batteries to use time then. Driver of LED of NCP5890 inductance step up is in 1.3MHz brace up 盪 implement offer below frequency amount to the total power supply of 90% | Manostat effect, it can the LED that drive amounts to 8 series connection, be in a poor light as LCD with adornment light is used. This component can feel measure ambient light, can reduce wisdom mobile phone to power source is used up and increase easy of the person that use measurable. Built-in advance gradually moves NCP5890 smooth function, can build Dan to enter give the effect with Dan. Ambient light feeling is measured and advance gradually attune all is built-in automation function solely, can with simple I2CThe instruction is started. This component assists I2CAgreement, a location option that two kinds differ. Drive appliance has conformity to be cut off really (True Cut-off) function, limitation shuts the 洩 leakage output below mode, use time in order to lengthen batteries. NCP5890 with 3x3x0.5mmQFN-16 encloses conformity the LCD is in a poor light, adornment is controlled solely and ambient light feeling measures a function, apply to small-sized wisdom mobile phone and can carry type media player.

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