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Atmel deploys the 6 passageways of compositive LED driver to feel controller AT4
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Atmel(C) Corporation announced to roll out AT recently42QT1060, this is a conformity the feeling of induction of 6 passageways feeling dominates chip. This chip can output a function through pulse width modulation direct drive amounts to diode of glow of 7 small electric current (LED) . The working voltage of this equipment is 5.5VDC-1.8VDC, in bide one's time below mode, power consumption under 1uA, make battery life longer thereby. In addition, this equipment uses volume very small4mm X4mm MLF28 is enclosed, those who make is special apply to mobile phone and other hold facility. In Atmel sort all ready, report that is based on Quantum Research Group

In the series of controller of capacitance sex feeling of technology of move of carry on one's shoulder, AT42QT1060 it is newest member. These controller series include to face onefold with much feeling pushbutton, touch accuse scroll and the is based on QTouch(TM) and QMatrix(TM) controller of feeling annulus.

AT42QT1060 aim to be used at portable electron product. The capacitance sex of buy defends passageway function conduces to precaution be being touched by accident inside, for example, below damp circumstance. This one function still can prevent accuse by accident. Be put in the pocket when the equipment such as MP3 player or when the mobile phone to ear when, this kind of circumstance happens likely. The AT of high conformity42QT1060 reduced package amount, this makes design complexity and cost are reduced somewhat, and can accelerate product development.

This sensor chip is based on move of charge of the patent of Quantum QTouch(TM) to send feeling means. This one superior technology uses enlarge frequency modulation to realize the tall immunity that is aimed at electronic noise, and when patent technology Adjacent KeySuppression(TM) (AKS(TM)) ensures finger is felt, have only beforehand the key-press with good set just can be activationed. This defends passageway function uses AKS(TM) to avoid to hit around key by accident. This equipment has long-term reliability, because it can undertake new calibration automatically when start, undertake handling to formation damp or the other contaminant that feel screen to go up. Lead plane also can set the sensitivity that decides single bond by oneself.
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