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NXP rolls out the blame that applies to electronic Id to contact IC chip P5CD081
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Semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside (NXP Semiconductors) the chip P5CD081 that announced to roll out its to be based on platform of SmartMX high security newly a few days ago, contact IC chip as the most high-powered blame, this tall safe chip applies to electronic passport and electronic identity to identify a field. The processing speed of P5CD081 is current double what be not osculatory intelligence to block occupation standard, and pass (Common Criteria) the attestation of highest and safe level of CC EAL5. Inside alive bound limits, favour wisdom riverside participated in the electronic passport project of more than 85% , the whole world has 51 countries to be not osculatory intelligence to block chip technology in what what use favour Zhi Puzhi offers in 60 countries, include the United States, France, Germany and Singapore among them.

New-style SmartMX also is the first intelligent card controller that provided Secure Fetch technology, its enhanced the hardware security of chip significantly. The safe technology with peculiar riverside of this kind of favour wisdom increased to be on guard to breakdown attack measure, below the circumstance that atttacks in smooth analysis especially, because this special facilitating user develops the software of high security.

Nter Schlatte of ü of G of general manager of government affairs of electron of semiconductor of favour wisdom riverside says: "More and more countries use chip to governmental government document to offer advanced functional sex in order to enhance file security, these paper file place that are before cannot come true. On the thorough communication foundation with the user, development of favour wisdom riverside gave new-style SmartMX chip, can apply for high security and high speed government for example electronic passport, electronic Id, the application such as card of electronic medical treatment and electronic driving licence offers quick solution. The application such as card of electronic medical treatment and electronic driving licence offers quick solution..

Controller of card of intelligence of P5CD08 double interface is used at satisfying advanced electronic government affairs to use the higher security of a need, greater data bulk and faster transmission speed. New-style SmartMX chip depends on stronger computation ability is double appraisal speed, in frontier defence management huge accelerated the conduction time of electronic passport. In newest test, p5CD081 founded new industry is fiducial, its run patulous visit to control (the data set with whole business of passport of electron of Extended Access Control) (include loops and whorls on a finger) use 3.5 seconds only. As a result of function of its high speed, chip at the same time OK and special with Yu Fu miscellaneous electronic Id applies, the electron of the security that handles work through Internet for example signs.
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