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Vishay rolls out compressed pottery and porcelain to enclose the Bai Guanggong o
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Vishay Intertechnology, inc. The high strenth Bai Guanggong that rolls out industry head money to use compressed pottery and porcelain of CLCC-6 and CLCC-6 to enclose leads SMD LED---VLMW63. . Series and VLMW64. . Series. Afore-mentioned series parts of an apparatus all are offerred be based on sapphirine InGaN/TAG technology, 2240mcd the high smooth power to 5600mcd.

New-style VLMW63. . Series uses CLCC-6 to enclose and have low the low thermal resistance that amounts to 50k/W, and use CLCC-6 compressed enclosed VLMW64. . Series has 40k/W low thermal resistance to reach0.9mm Ultrathin ply, in the low cost solution that parts of an apparatus of this two old series aims at applied Yu Darong to measure namely from design beginning.

The dimension that the pottery and porcelain of these small-sized LED encloses is only3.3mm ×3.4mm, allow to use additional electricity drive, in order to realize the biggest smooth output, maintain at the same time be as long as 50, 000 hours longer service life, make they are main consideration element in heat management thereby and the light source that ideal becomes in the application with limited space.

These new parts of an apparatus or appliance are aimed at technically car and carry, consumption kind reach common applying to be in a poor light mediumly reached illume to undertake optimizing. Typical terminal product includes instrument of lamp of the flashlight of camera, lash-up, car | Dashboard and exterior lighting installation (for example brake lamp and turn signal lamp) .

These LED can provide the typical luminous flux of 11000 Mlm and the smooth efficiency that are as high as 30 Lm/W. Every enclose these parts of an apparatus the luminous intensity of the unit is compared (IV maximum / IV is the smallest value) do not exceed 1.6, they have those who be as high as 4.3V to reaching the half intensity part of 60 ° to voltage.

VLMW63. . With VLMW64. . LED and craft of IR circumfluence solder are compatible, accord with CECC 00802 and J-STD
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