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TI is the cost that realizes more feebleminded bad news sensitive model applicat
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Heart state apparatus | Appearance (what TI) announces to roll out lowermost batch unit price to be not worth 2 dollars is new-style 32 TMS320F280xx small controller (MCU) , can be cost thereby sensitive model applied implementation processor is concentrated model real time controls a function, expanded the integral a group of people of same interest of its MCU product. New-style Piccolo F2802x/F2803x MCU uses newest framework technology achievement to reach increase model peripheral, its enclose dimension to be the least 38 cite a base, can bring 32 advantages that control a function in real time to assume the application of corresponding cost hard normally. Real time control is passed in inverter of miniature of such as solar energy, LED illume, large electric home appliances

The TMS of TI320CKeith Ogboenyiya of manager of 2000 markets sale points out: "Through 32 high-powered, increase model peripheral and small-sized enclose have perfect couple, the application that higher cost bears hard before design personnel needs to use a MCU to be able to be this only adds real time control and systematic government function. We name these parts of an apparatus for Piccolo, because it has the miniaturization, exceedingly good character such as low case,basically be, the C2000 that makes a client optional? Product measure broke up one time, expanded further the MCU product a group of people of same interest that TI develops ceaselessly. Expanded further the MCU product a group of people of same interest that TI develops ceaselessly..

Piccolo F2802x/F2803x controller can replace many electrons package, realizing senior power source thereby | While the product manages, manostat electron still can reduce systematic whole cost. For example, in equipment of frequency conversion air conditioning, only controller of a F2802x/F2803x can control motor of two electric three-phase accurately, factor of executable power is corrective (PFC) computation. Current, include Europe, China, Japan and India inside the whole world makes an appointment with the market of 30% to need PFC function, this function can improve laden efficiency, use power source better thereby.
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