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Fit Intel of bridge of north and south and CPU will turn all-round chip
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Intel (Intel) plans the 3rd season rolled out microprocessor of framework of the 2nd acting Nehalem 2009 (CPU) product, times of conformity of make one's bow CPU, plan to reach plot chip or conformity of boreal bridge chip in CPU, at the same time Naqiao chip also collects Fu brilliant to enclose because of changing integrated other function. Although number of IC support plate can decrease, like that number of plies of Fu brilliant support plate increases, at the same time because conformity is much an IC and make support plate area greatens, conduce to support plate producing can use up. Intel is at present main support plate supplier is like NTK, South Asia report of circuit board, Fei scooping up (Ibiden) He Xinguang is electric (Shinko) undertaking example attestation, predict to answered before the bottom 2008 but attestation is finished, to 2009 the 2nd Ji Yingke to the limit of one's capacity is produced.

According to Intel product blue print, the 4th season rolled out the Nehalem platform CPU of new generation 2008, go up in the desk that the 3rd season rolled out framework of the 2nd acting Nehalem 2009 model computer CPU, it is Havendale and Lynnfield respectively, and NB uses CPU, the name is Clarksfield and Auburndale.

Intel framework of the 2nd acting Nehalem will turn formally into conformity CPU, converge of high speed of chip of bridge of farther integrated north is discharged, will reach plot chip conformity again CPU, collect much chip to enclose (MCP) technology, and function of other of boreal bridge chip and south the bridge piece integrated for PCH(Platform Control Hub) , originally BGA makes brilliant of Cheng instead Fu enclose, in order to replace power of configuration of the conformity that plot chip at present conformity enters boreal bridge chip chip. Intel is main support plate supplier is undertaking example attestation with Intel at present, answer before predicting the end of the year but attestation is finished, 2009 shipment of particle of the 1st season, official to the limit of one's capacity produces the 2nd season, during as it happens caters to Intel to spread money.

It is under Nehalem framework, boreal bridge chip reachs conformity CPU, receive will reach plot chip conformity again CPU, because this IC support plate is counted,can decrease. Undertake trying yield the situation of example attestation at present according to support plate factory, at present example is more 10, 12, 14, the mainstream Penryn series of 45 Nai rice is prep above nowadays more 6~8 layer, apparent prep above a lot of. Although whether is Intel knocked finally at present,decide Nehalem number of plies to whether take off from 10, like that support plate factory is held in the arms hold openly view, anticipate number of plies can is than nowadays tall. Because area of conformity CPU support plate is largish, support plate factory also thinks, conduce to support plate producing can use up.
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