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A Er low this roll out industry pressure sensor of the smallest MEMS
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A Er low this electric rolled out the pressure sensor of MEMS of the type that suppress report with the smallest industry. Measure respect, the small-scale type of pressure sensor discrete component is2.5mm×2.5mm×0.7mm. The model of buy amplifier is inside3.5mm×3.5mm×1.0mm. Basically use at detecting the absolutely pressure such as atmospheric pressure and height.

The reason that pressure sensor of MEMS of the type that suppress report can realize miniaturization easily is, but direct will diaphragmatic curve a quantity to regard as the resistor change of component of the resistor that suppress report will capture, achieve simple component structure thereby. Additional, enclose a technology through using filmy engineering technology, imperceptible processing technique to reach, also can reduce sensor component size, make its reach industry the smallest.

The principle that pressure detects is as follows. Come from external pressure can make of pressure sensor diaphragmatic bend. If diaphragmatic bend, in diaphragmatic on component of formation the resistor that suppress report can be out of shape. Come so, OK will be out of shape the resistor of generation changes to be read as voltage signal take.

A Er low this electric express, issue 3 technologies through collecting in order to, reduced the instability of pressure sensor function. These 3 technologies are respectively, etch through optimizing condition, development went to be able to form stable housing (Cavity) structural technology; The Si-Si sealed joint that the stress outside coming true to be able to be reduced affects; Used data of strong to temperature change adaptability pottery and porcelain.
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