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Electric machinery of 3 water chestnut is brand-new roll out the 3rd generation
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On September 19, 2008, electric machinery of 3 water chestnut is in 3 inferior hold new product news briefing, announce electric machinery of 3 water chestnut rolls out member of the 3rd acting small-sized PLC formally in China -- FX3GSeries.

Minister of business ministry of abroad machine of FA of company limited of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut darkCroplandMinister of ministry of chance of industry of the place of road of gentleman, female singer that make automation of electric machinery of abstruse village gentleman, 3 water chestnut (Shanghai) Fu Zeke of limited company general manager goes gentleman and control ministry are advanced managerGuan ZejunGentleman, managerShi LizhongThe gentleman makes a speech respectively on the news briefing, come from what the FX product agent of countrywide each district and media witnessed new product to come out.

From 1981 face city up to now, FX series PLC sells outstanding achievement to already was broken through inside global limits 8 million close greatly, become world industry to control the example of outstanding product in the domain with its superior performance, outstanding character. This FX3GSeries PLC is FX1N of 3 water chestnut upgrade type, it acceded the innovation technology that the advantage of PLC of original FX series combines series of the 3rd acting FX3, offerred high reliability, tall flexibility, high-powered new alternative for the user.

FX3GHave more high-powered with flexibility

FX3GMemory of program of high capacity of the buy inside series PLC, highest 32K pace, basic instruction handles speed to be able to amount to 0.21ms when standard mode, together with considerably the soft component amount of augment, make you but more free editor undertakes data processing. Additional, operation of float check the number and interrupt processing respect, FX
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