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Meaning law semiconductor (ST) promote favorable balance of trade small-sized ME
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Meaning law semiconductor (ST) roll out LY530AL MEMS gyroscope, increase design flexibility, simplify compositive difficulty, economic and exterior yuan of parts of an apparatus. Whole journey quantity can measure horny rate to be as high as every second ± 300 degrees, in intuitionistic man-machine interface or increase model in the application such as car navigation GPS, of meaning law semiconductor brand-new gyroscope is measurable fast angular displacement.

New product LY530AL MEMS uses the 16 LGA that cite a base to enclose, dimension is 5 × 5 ×1.5 Mm, still report of a province cites a base, with the biggest the effect of whole physical ability that changes a system, ensure the low power comsumption of chip is characteristic. The character that other simplifies to design and save yuan of parts of an apparatus includes: Compositive low a filter, piece on IC interface and 2.7V arrive voltage of 3.6V wide job. In addition, the buy inside chip function of one each check, the user need not move can it is normal whether parts of an apparatus of test and verify works.

LY530AL is the odd axis sensor that a MEMS technology that uses meaning law semiconductor to pass test and verify develops, inside limits of rated job temperature, the sensitivity that has stability and output and outstanding vibration isolation / shake function. Accordingly, this product can bear the commerce with strict requirement and consumer goods environment, apply to sport plane, virtual reality to sensor, electric machinery is controlled and point to equipment, and boat computative match with the map wait for car navigation system.

LY530AL immediateness supplies print, use the ECOPACK that accords with RoHs law to enclose. Predict the fourth quarter began a quantity to produce 2008.

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