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Tuerke rolls out the whole world sensor of first complete metal ultrasonic
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The sensor of screen of ultrasonic of stainless steel complete metal that Tuerke rolls out first at asepsis using that produce. Enclosing M25U completely is by Tuerke one of research and development is closed to be in out and out the sensor in stainless steel outer garment and surface of converter of stainless steel sound wave, and accord with IP68/IP69K defend grade. Accordingly, this by change send implement the sensor of ultrasonic protective screen that comprises with receiver is applied to especially detect in asepsis production of all kinds and bottled container of the outfit that reach coal tub, had been in for example below oxidation hydrogen environment the bottle operation that have.

All sorts of need that M25U can satisfy beverage, food and pharmacy industry completely to go up in wholesome design. Stainless steel encloses a technology to reach preparation of Jiang Xiaoqing clean to have resistance to a variety of chemical material not only, and change suddenly in temperature fall to also can keep stable. This one technology makes sensor is being used centigrade after 60 degrees hot water undertakes cleanness, continue with centigrade 10 degrees cold water is rinsed and be not damaged become a possibility.

Ultrasonic screen sensor can install for two class sensitivity: On higher sensitivity level, can be in1 meterdetect inside limits the diameter is the smallest for30 millimetertarget object; And be in to the diameter15 millimeterThe target object of above its are the biggest detect limits is40 centimeters. The switch frequency of sensor of ultrasonic protective screen is 100 hertz, per sec. can detect amount to 100 targets object.

Ultrasonic sensor can use ultrasonic to be opposite inside 140 kilohertz limits many target object undertakes tatty detects is not osculatory reaching notting have. No matter detect transparent to seeming or opaque, metal or metalloid, liquid, solid or farinaceous. Mist of such as water, dirt, even the movement that the ambient conditions such as rainwater also won't affect sensor.
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