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Ramtron rolls out new-style F - the first product FM25V10 in RAM series
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The blame of world center breaks memory of sexual iron report easily (F-RAM) and business of development of compositive semiconductor product and supplier Ramtron International Corporation announce to roll out first product in new-style F-RAM series, have tall speedread / the character that keeps job of function, low voltage and optional parts of an apparatus. The FM25V10 of first parts of an apparatus of the product of V series F-RAM of Ramtron, it is 1 million (Mb) , 2 to 3.6V, have serial peripheral interface (the blame of SPI) breaks sexual RAM easily, use 8 feet SOIC to enclose, its characteristic is quick visit, without defer (NoDelay) is written, 1E14 is read / write frequency and low power comsumption. FM25V10 is the applied domain 1Mb such as metric, medical treatment, car, military affairs, game and industrial control, computer the ideal of serial EEPROM memory replaces serial Shan Cunhe product. In addition, ramtron already planned to rolled out SPI, I in succession 20082CReach product of F-RAM of series of collateral interface V.

Ramtron market extends manager Duncan Bennett to explain: "Product of our V series F-RAM can satisfy a client to succeed to low job voltage and collect can demand, decrease platelet to block a space to reach for example reduce assemble cost and cost of parts of an apparatus. Technology of our production of high density F-RAM had expanded the function of the product is characteristic, make product of V series F-RAM can be in the voltage limits of very wide extensive works. Make product of V series F-RAM can be in the voltage limits of very wide extensive works..

About FM25V10

With serial shine put or serial EEPROM is different, FM25V10 is carried out with bus line speed keep an operation, without write defer, and data can write memory array instantly. Need not undertake data poll can begin cycle of next bus line. The photograph is serialer than serial Shan Cunhe EEPROM, the durable sex tower above of FM25V10 above of 8 amounts class, the effective power that consumes is less than his however very one of.

FM25V10 has high-powered F-RAM function, apply to the blame that asks frequent or fast data is written or low power comsumption is operated to break sexual memory application easily, applied limits writes the high frequency data with much time to collect application from need, control application to Yan Ke's industry. And in these application, serial shine put or EEPROM because? Neon of closely question of Xie pain or numbness caused by cold? According to losing a risk, and not applicable.
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