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IDT rolls out the VPP1101PanelPort receiver that is used at liquid crystal TV
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IDT company expands further its DisplayPort compatible solution, new roll out the receiver of IDT PanelPort independence that can be used at liquid crystal TV, measuring projector and high-end monitor.

New the receiver of IDT PanelPort VPP1101 that roll out relatively accord with DisplayPort1.1a Standard, the client that conduces to IDT uses exterior DisplayPort connection, its multimedia equipment receives the monitor of any types and dimension repeatedly, offer more indication option for them. This kind of flexibility will conduce to DisplayPort technology be in flat TV and the adoption in relevant applying. Solution of new IDT PanelPort receiver will by compositive in the flat product that arrives to be being developed.

IDT company vice president holds Ji Park of general manager of department of video presentation business concurrently to express: "IDT is devoted to the abidance of DisplayPort product, because,be with existing interface standard (be like TTL and LVDS) photograph comparing, this standard has higher resolution, taller unit to resemble element digit / color (deeper color) with lower power comsumption. As PanelPort VPP1101 roll out, we expanded PanelPort technology in more extensive product, be like muti_function measuring projector of TV of high-end monitor, number, number. Be like muti_function measuring projector of TV of high-end monitor, number, number..

Parts of an apparatus of IDT PanelPort VPP1101 used IDT clock to exhibit frequency technology, the electromagnetism that can reduce all monitor or indication equipment interface considerably is disturbed (EMI) , for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) the digital signal integrality that provides higher level. IDT PanelPort receiver can realize the digital signal integrality of this level, be attributed to its own but custom-built and serial implement / solution is strung together implement (SerDes) the distinctive union of technology of as serial as bannerer IDT interface. IDT is criterion with heightening client effect as far as possible all the time, panelPort receiver can improve performance through prolonging battery life, will reduce power comsumption through optimizing heat management, conduce to the further poor alienation of flat video market thereby, reduce the power comsumption of flat monitor and cost.
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