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SD755 sensor comes out the electron that can be used in the car stabilizes a sys
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SensorDynamics announces to roll out the small machine that is used at the car now duplex sensor, this sensor is enclosed in single product inside compositive gyroscope and quicken appearance. Two sensor receive a signal that transmits them through a common SPI, this conduces to make handle and making development time and systematic cost the smallest change further. Mix as the car production industry is inertial duplex the pioneer of sensor and trend maker, sensorDynamics has realised the market is right the urgent need of the compositive sensor that can carry the AEC-Q100 attestation, absolutely on chip and module level on the safe side that includes monitoring circuit to make. In addition, make facility amount the smallest change what also bring systematic cost to decrease. Will effective to those way curves degree and the car that angle lock marries, SD755 suits the electron in them to stabilize systematic application very much. Should detect when difference, each wheels will systematically decelerate skids with preventing car. SD755 applies to all safe and relevant cars or industrial application, in order to ensure sex of advanced and other fail-safe. In addition, its characteristic still includes: Range of mechanical and firm sex, wide temperature common difference and long-term tall stability.

What SD755 is aimed at is high safe level, it is especially in car domain. All design method that involves for this accords with IEC 61508 standard, it is right include gyroscope, quicken appearance and circuit inside whole system undertakes complete FMEA (failure mode and influence analysis) result. This sensor is compositive a special circuit that at the same time monitoring travels feeling component and signal adjustment way, if a parameter exceeds what define accurately to be restricted to be worth, issue warning instantly. This sensor monitoring 40 many parameter in order to ensure its complete on the safe side.

Duplex any parts of sensor malfunction to be able to be communicated adscititious the senior small controller on the SPI interface of circuitry of a hard wiring. Pass SPI, can finish detailed breakdown to so that acknowledge wrong source,be analysed. Sensor also can pass SPI monitoring small controller. Be based on the advantage of this design, SD755 achieved SIL 2 on package level, SIL 3 was achieved on systematic level.

SD755 already had carry out now. The amount is 1000 units / year the price is control in 38 dollars. The client can be asked for evaluate board. From
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