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Beijing achieves all directions newly to roll out " dynamical star " transformer
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Beijing achieves limited company of all directions electron newly to be rolled out in home " Bingzi arms word " of the brand " dynamical star " transformer of drive of DRT series IGBT, the apply person that is broad IGBT provided first-rate drive partner, there is bulk since home of complete change is long-term small, on the safe side, beautiful the market situation of the drive transformer that uses easily.

Current, power electronic parts forward high capacity, high frequency rate, easy drive, small loss, modular, compound change direction to develop, compare with photograph of other power electronic parts, IGBT has drive power small, switch rate is high, saturation pressing is reduced and can be able to bear or endure the advantage on a series of application such as tall voltage, big electric current, those who make become current industry domain to use the most extensive electric power semiconductor device.

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