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Integrated circuit designs enterprise and product to maintain administrative mea
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The first: Design the development of course of study to quicken our country integrated circuit, according to the State Council " a certain number of policy that urge software industry and development of integrated circuit estate " (the following abbreviation " urge policy " ) , make this way especially.

The 2nd: This method place says integrated circuit designs a company, it is to point to what establish lawfully in Chinese churchyard to pursue integrated circuit products plan (contain integrated circuit to design software to develop, similarly hereinafter) the organization that has independent corporate organization.

This method place calls integrated circuit the product, it is to show integrated circuit designs software, circuit (contain home to the enterprise is designed independently and cannot produce the integrated circuit product that needs to entrust the treatment outside the condition really in churchyard, similarly hereinafter) .

This method is to be integrated circuit to design enterprise and integrated circuit product to enjoy " urge policy " the authorized way that make and cognizance program.

The 3rd: The cognizance that total bureau of Wu of tax of MII, state is in charge of managing countrywide integrated circuit to design enterprise and integrated circuit product works:

(One) the cognizance orgnaization of the business of integrated circuit design of whole nation of authorized, accredit and area and product (the following abbreviation maintains orgnaization) ;

(2) the cognizance of business of design of integrated circuit of supervisory examination whole nation and product works, examine and verify approves cognizance result;

(3) announce integrated circuit to design an enterprise to maintain list and product to maintain list;

(4) accept pair of cognizance results, year careful result and the demur appeal that concern cognizance decision.

The 4th: Business of design of specific and responsible integrated circuit and product maintain integrated circuit cognizance orgnaization, undertake integrated circuit designs year of careful job of enterprise and product.

The 5th: Cognizance orgnaization follows fair, just, science, efficient principle in cognizance job, keep commercial secret to apply for an enterprise.
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