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Environmental protection total bureau: Deserted electron product is carried out
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Environmental protection of afterwards European Union makes (RoHs dictates) after carrying out nearly two months, the ministries and commissions such as total bureau of national environmental protection was released jointly recently " deserted electric home appliances

   On July 1The European Union environmental protection that carries out since makes ask, the electron that puts an European Union on the market contains lead, mercuric, cadmium to wait for content of 6 kinds of harmful material to must not set set limit to more than in wiring, the product that admiral of European Union market prohibits containing specific and harmful material sells reach use. And our country does not have this kind of relative standard, numerous electron produces an enterprise to answer inadequacy, exit suffers an effect greatly.

" technical policy " put forward to be before taboo of poisonous and harmful material, pursue the information label system of poisonous and harmful material stage by stage, generator is accountability the information that the information that poisonous and harmful material contains in offerring a product and other influence product reclaim to use and deal with. Be aimed at the electronic product component that contains harmful material, the processing that waits like LCD, circuit board, put forward to show level to encourage use optimal and feasible processing technology and technology, and requirement of corresponding contaminative prevention and cure.

In addition, " technical policy " still put forward a country to need to come on stage a few otherer measure, like the country in installment, publish directory of poisonous and harmful material group by group, green of product of executive electron electric equipment purchases policy, those who fortify code of technology of form a complete set, standard make etc.

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