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National qualitative check is special [2006] 148
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About transmit total bureau " about strengthening pressure conduit

The opinion of safe and censorial job " announcement

Each set supervisory bureau of technology of area city quality:

Pledge the country now check total bureau " about enhancing pressure conduit security the opinion of censorial job " (national qualitative check is special [2006]148 date) transmit you, hope serious comply with is carried out.

Add: " about enhancing pressure conduit security the opinion of censorial job " (national qualitative check is special [2006]148 date)

Two years on June 9

National quality is supervised examine file of quarantine total bureau

National qualitative check is special [2006]148 date

About enhancing pressure conduit security the opinion of censorial job

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Supervisory bureau of technology of quality of each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government:

Closely related pressure conduit and national economy progress and people life. In last few years, in the whole nation qualitative check branch and the joint efforts of concerned unit fall, level of management of pressure conduit safety rises somewhat, safe condition is overall tend improve. But, because pressure conduit safety manages instability, make quality difference, accident hidden trouble is much, safe and censorial job had be notted enclothe completely wait for a reason, pressure conduit weighs especially big accident to happen from time to tome, safe situation still austere. "15 " during, the whole nation produces pressure conduit accident 72 cases in all, die 101 people. On January 20, 2006, what branch of cropland of oil gas of Chinese oil southwest is located in Sichuan to save benevolence birthday county is rich add station transporting gas to produce pressure conduit one case to explode especially big accident, cause 10 people death, 50 people are injured. Of pressure conduit accident happen ceaselessly, caused significant loss to safety of people life property and national economy progress, produced serious social effect. Move to ensure pressure conduit safety, prevent effectively and reduce the happening of serious especially big accident, enhance pressure conduit security now censorial job offers the following opinion, ask each district to be carried out seriously carry out.
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