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Electronic product pollution controls occupation standard of 3 form a complete s
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MII released electronic Information Industry a few days ago anti-fouling control occupation standard of 3 big form a complete set, will rise to be carried out formally on March 1 from next year. Of the standard promulgate the help company of all electron information strides pollution of product of information of our country electron to command the first stage.

As we have learned, as " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " (abbreviation " administrative measure " ) occupation standard of 3 when carry out important form a complete set, release this " the set limit to of poisonous and harmful material in electronic information product asks " (abbreviation " set limit to asks " ) , " label of control of pollution of electronic information product asks " (abbreviation " the label asks " ) , " electronic information product is medium of poisonous and harmful material detect method "On November 6Promulgate formally.

As a result of " administrative measure " the way that decided product of information of our country electron pollutes control to will adopt minute of pace to apply is advanced, next year on March 1 " run way " when applying, produce the business of electronic information product, if manufacturing product is to put China on the market, term of service of the name that wants toxic to some is being contained in the product harmful substance or element only, component, environmental protection and can deny reclaim the case that use undertakes ego states can.

Company of production of electronic information product is OK according to " detect method " standard ego detects, or ask tripartite to detect the orgnaization detects, according to " set limit to asks " make judgement, final according to " the label asks " offerred means undertakes ego states.

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