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Interface of mobile phone charger has unified level today
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When changing novice plane every time, corresponding mobile phone charger also discarded, waste resource not only and contaminative environment. Since today, such state will get alleviating stage by stage. The standard of new mobile phone charger that issues by MII begins to be carried out compulsively in our country from today, the charger of new fund mobile phone should be united use new standard. Current, the charger of unified interface mobile phone of 15 kinds of type that had had 14 companies production passed national test and verify, will at city of near future face.

Be based on the mobile phone charger of new standard, join with the mobile phone at the same time, across perhaps joins with computer through USB interface and charger, can charge next.

Liu Jun of vice director of department of wireless communication of lab of Chinese peaceful Er says: "Changeless is an interface of mobile phone a side, manufacturer can undertake his design; The requirement is uniform, it is this interface of charger. It is this interface of charger..

The staff member says, compare with the mobile phone charger previously, the charger that is based on new standard is more energy-saving. E.g. , when old mobile phone and charger connective moment, the electric current in likelihood occurrence mobile phone flows backwards the state of loss.

The relevant controller of MII introduces, since today, the charger of old mobile phone won't have mandatory-type change, but progressively implementation replaces firm of expectation mobile phone. When new fund mobile phone is selling, the meeting is implicative a jumper and a charger, achieve particular market to retain when new charger when the quantity, new policy is met follow-up.

Lu Yang of deputy director general of MII communication management board says: "There had been a certain quantity of new standard charger in common people hand, we can change policy of a few government, that is to say takes a network in the mobile phone when, do not ask to deploy charger, change mobile phone when do not need to change charger, (Such) arrive since ability managing the purpose with environmental protection. (Such) arrive since ability managing the purpose with environmental protection..

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