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Electronic environmental protection makes cause enterprise green " decay "
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" electronic information product pollutes control government measure " (next weighing " administrative measure " ) after beginning to be carried out formally from last week, already many enterprises begin the operation, tag in the environmental protection of the product and of material change the respect increases investment. Domestic environmental protection dictates come on stage, the green decay that causes a company.

Block breaks abroad to wash out a product to flow into

Be in " administrative measure " before coming on stage, the European Union had carried out RoHs and WEEE 2006 instruction of two environmental protection, its core content and instruction of domestic environmental protection agree basically. The company that home exports to the European Union had begun what two environmental protection dictate to accept an European Union from last year examine, immediate impact is annual to European Union each country the cost of electronic product exit of nearly 50 billion dollar rises accordingly. In fact, overseas market grows day and day to the requirement of green environmental protection, it is reported, the city such as American California, and the market such as Japan, Korea rolls out imitated European Union similar environmental protection to dictate.

Here setting falls, if be carried out domestic and internationally, is " double standard " , will naturally reduce the integral competition actual strength on the international market; In the meantime, the rises to also will be helpful for environment of domestic natural resources improvement of technical doorsill. City of Sai Di adviser manages Wu Xiaopeng of general manager of strategic research center to think: "Many countries had carried out the European Union RoHS instruction, raised the environmental protection threshold of market admittance, domestic environmental protection dictates come on stage, can promote the environmental protection of domestic company oneself actual strength not only, the electronic product that can prevent abroad effectively to be washed out at the same time flows into China. The electronic product that can prevent abroad effectively to be washed out at the same time flows into China..

Quality of ministry of career of health beautiful color television manages Shi Bangping of department general manager to think, instruction of European Union ROHS involved many kinds of 20 product, and " administrative measure " involve a variety of 1800 electronic information products, specific aim is stronger; In addition, instruction of European Union ROHS takes a company completely " ego states " method, and " administrative measure " take a company " ego states " with the government " compulsive attestation " the idea that combines.
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