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" electronic information product pollutes control government measure " 10 ask 10
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The personage study that pollutes job of prevention and cure to help company of broad electron information and product of attention electron information, understanding " electronic information product pollutes control government measure " , the main problem that we try to put forward with respect to a few everybody refers answer, offer reference only.

One, ask: Why should be the 7 branches such as MII made " administrative measure " , what are the goal that makes regulations of such a department and meaning?

Answer: Make " administrative measure " purpose and meaning have 5 sides: (one) electronic information product contaminative prevention and cure serves as product of information of useless old electron to reclaim the fundamental sex that handles recycle work works, reflect " pollution prevents and cure, precaution is prevenient " environmental protection principle, fulfil " grab from fountainhead " working train of thought; (2) electronic information product contaminative prevention and cure brings into industry government, legal system is changed; (3) solid existing poisonous harmful material is replaced mediumly in electronic information product or decrease quantify, protect an environment, resource conservation; (4) structural adjustment of implementation electron Information Industry, the product upgrades replacement, ensure electronic Information Industry can develop continuously (5) answer an European Union actively two instructions.

2, ask: " administrative measure " come on stage what to influence will bring to Information Industry of our country electron?

Answer: Come on stage " administrative measure " the sense is great, " administrative measure " the development of the electronic Information Industry that will give our country brings tremendous influence. Above all, come on stage " administrative measure " will make the development train of thought that we think seriously and adjusts an industry, from brand-new angle goes the understanding, development target that makes an industry, how to carry out hard in the center of those who put forward insist to develop scientificly view, build managing model society, with factitious this, development loop economy electronic Information Industry. Next, the electronic Information Industry that will make our country can follow closely is based on resource when a inside preexistence bound limits managing the technical revolution with environmental protection, the adjustment of stimulative industry structure, product upgrades replacement, promotion (maintain) the international competition ability of Information Industry of our country electron. The 3rd, in the past, we look morer in the main effect in national economy and social informatization to electronic Information Industry, we more was to see electronic IT is transforming the traditional industry, course that offers national economy and social informatization medium " times add a gender " , " osmotic " . Now, the control problem of poisonous and harmful material in electronic information product begins to mention the order of the day, we should catch up with this pace, must try hard to be change of our electronic Information Industry most of environmental protection, most the green industry of resource conservation. The 4th, " run way " come on stage to be able to give the business of all electron information that enters our country market a pressure really, be in " administrative measure " after applying formally, all electronic information products that enter Chinese market must according to " run way " regulation, transfer in what give you period inside those who accomplish poisonous and harmful material replace or decrease quantify. Be in short-term inside, " run way " the pressure that the regulation will give an enterprise to bring cost to increase, but " when the river rises the boat goes up too " , because the pressure of all enterprises is same, accordingly, won't affect the competition ability between the enterprise. From long-term look, " administrative measure " will make the enterprise is in new get rising in round technical revolution.
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