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Line of business of convoy news service grows code
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National statistic bureau is Information Industry cent a few class: It is manufacturing industry of electronic information product, 2 it is electronic information equipment sell and rent estate, 3 it is computer service and software industry, 4 it is other information relevant service line of business. According to the 3 calm plan of the State Council, MII is in charge of course of study of manufacturing industry of product of countrywide electron information, communication and software industry, drive national economy and social informatization. The keyword inside this, one is " information " , it is " service " .

Information serves course of study to develop the current situation

Although our country information serves the getaway of course of study to compare evening, but development rate is rapidder. In last few years, our country information serves course of study to be below the encouragement of concerned policy, develop in order to exceed the rate of 3% every year flourishingly, industry measure and dimensions grow quickly, service limits widens ceaselessly, infrastructure is ceaseless and perfect, technical level rises ceaselessly, content natural resources is increasingly substantial, news service line of business is right of other industry drive effect very apparent, increasingly outstanding to the growth contribution rate of national economy.

From will look on the other hand, our country information serves the overall level of course of study and developed country to still have certain difference. Current, our country information serves estate development to face 3 main problems: The relevant policy of news service line of business and law law plan are not quite sound; The standard standard of domain of news service line of business is not quite perfect still; Problem of safety of a few information is generally.

Information of stimulative our country serves the crucial factor that industry grows to include: It is the relevant policy code that should perfect information to serve industry ceaselessly. 2 be make and perfect relevant standard. Develop burgeoning business, the standard wants to have first. Information serves industry, especially contemporary service line of business has a standard likewise, need is made further perfect. The 3 networks that should strengthen our country trust the system is built, ensure national information is safe. At present con, network atttacks a few false information, network and bad news, cause very big enroach on to me. Good to do this job, standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress was passed in August 2004 " electronic autograph law " , and from
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