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Revocatory company exit starts policy collect suffer no longer encourage
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Aim to enlarge exit, encourage company exit to achieve collect " exit closes collect means of assessment try out " abolish since July.

Bureau of national exchange control and Department of Commerce are in the revocatory announcement that issued recently, the explanation that gives out to this is: Because our country is faced with the contradiction with lopsided balance of payments in recent years, house of foreign exchange reserve does not fall high, current stimulative balance of payments is balanced basically, restrain favourable balance to increase to already became the policy orientaton of adjusting control of our country economy.

Announcement requirement, branch of director of commerce of branch of each substation, foreign currency and each province, city should stop bureau of national exchange control 2006 year exit accepts the relevant job that collects assessment. Already announced 2006 year exit to control the area that collects assessment result external, the measure of rewards and punishment related disuse or classification run measure.

According to the announcement, bureau of national exchange control closes in conduction exit collect single shot of cancel after verification to put, exit closes when assembling the business such as check and ratify of qualification of enterprise of automatic cancel after verification, execute no longer close by exit collect assessment grade to undertake discriminative treatment administrative. Exit closes collect sheet of cancel after verification to extend to still be executed by need to send sheet, the unit of imports and exports that sets to violating exchange control badly executes control to send sheet.

As we have learned, be in this second " method " before abolishing, aim to enlarge exit, help actor up to be restricted of bad " about print and distribute < exit closes collect detailed rules of rewards and punishment of method of assessment try out > announcement " revocatory already also. release before a few years carry out " about carrying out < exit closes collect detailed rules of rewards and punishment of method of assessment try out > the announcement of concerned problem " , " the announcement that ministry of collaboration of economy of bureau of national exchange control, foreign trade collects assessment index about adjusting exit to close " , " exit closes collect management of cancel after verification method, also as this second " exit closes collect means of assessment try out " abolish at the same time. Concerned expert points out, the photograph when be being carried out with these policy measure is compared, the economic environment of current our country already differred greatly, this a series of revocatory make show policy of our country trade begins to change direction, to alleviate effectively situation of favorable balance of trade, still will adopt foreign exchange reserve of more keep within limits to pass the rapid growth, measure that balances balance of payments about the branch henceforth.
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