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The hopeful before useless old electric equipment answers receipt exemple Spring
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Recently, national development and reform committee resource are managing manage with environmental protection relevant controller to " daily of the first finance and economics " divulge, change by national hair appoint those who draft " product of electron of useless old electric equipment reclaims processing regulation " (next weighing " answer receipt exemple " ) at present already legal system of the State Council does cognizance principle to pass, repass after a few relevant programs, should can be in come on stage before the Spring Festival this year.

This controller expresses, the State Council had been mixed 2006 2007, successive two years will " answer receipt exemple " include a kind of legislative plan, so, should not will publish time defer to arrive after the Spring Festival again.

The reporter understands, " answer receipt exemple " the first chapter sets draft the 7th times: The country builds useless old home appliance to reclaim handle special fund. Useless old home appliance reclaims handle special fund to collect, use and run way (next weighing " special fund measure " ) change jointly with national hair by the Ministry of finance appoint make separately.

National hair changes appoint resource is managing with environmental protection Li Jing of department vice director introduces, actually the draft of special fund measure already formulate came out, nevertheless, because the State Council had be notted promulgate formally " answer receipt exemple " , so, national hair changes appoint also have not announce draft of special fund measure external with the Ministry of finance.

The foundation is current the special fund measure of formulate, the country prepares to the expenses with manufacturing company certain collection, use at allowance to reclaim processing cost. Li Jing expresses, these capital after all how collection, the government also is making corresponding research, can consider the opinion of distinct interest group, make this method has a maneuverability.

According to draft of special fund measure, won't to electric equipment agency (shopkeeper) collect special fund. Li Jing explanation says, from the sale link collects special fund, operation technology difficulty is too great, so, at present can to manufacturing segment this fountainhead collection.
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