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standard of international of cell of fuel of formulate communication equipment
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Plan of a batch of large companies is in day beautiful Han the international standard that cell of fuel of formulate communication equipment combined inside year 2008, unified fuel part and safety are fiducial, make the low cost production of fuel cell becomes a possibility.

According to " Japanese economy news " reported a few days ago, stand except Japanese Toshiba, day, electron of SamSung of electric, Korea and United States are engaged in Japan outside the MTI company that fuel cell develops, a few otherer the formulate that communication company and fuel cell company also will participate in this one standard.

Hopeful of this one standard becomes the department of international Electrotechnical Committee to list international standard, become in fact occupation standard.

At present enterprise of a lot of electrons is becoming independent trial-produce fuel cell, production cost is a few times of lithium battery commonly. These enterprises hope to adopt uniform standard, share relevant design, also make component gets batch is supplied at the same time, cut manufacturing cost thereby.

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