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Argentina restricts value of a quantity of the heavy metal in batteries
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Argentina publishs relevant code, the biggest to a few heavy metal in certain batteries content puts forward new set limit to to set.

One just sets in the law of Argentine become effective, prohibit producing, assemble and import cylinder or the prism appearance, carbon zinc that contains some kind of heavy metal and alkaline (manganese) galvanic cell. These heavy metal and they are the biggest value of set limit to is mercury respectively 0.0005% , cadmium 0.015% , lead 0.2% (all be weight per cent) .

This country shows some disobeying new the batteries that publishs code, allow its to continue to sell 3 years to come December 2009.

In addition, the environment of this country and developed a ministry to issued a resolution on January 11 continuously, the mercuric the biggest set limit to in setting button batteries is 2% .

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