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Supply gas discharge tube
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Seat: Guangdong · Shenzhen
Company name: Shenzhen city limited company of square new electron
Contact: Ms. Zhou Ni (sale) add me for commercial associate
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Ms. Zhou Ni (sale)

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Company business spreads: Http://zxm2007.electron.cn

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Gas discharge tube (Gas Discharge Tube) essence is a kind sealed the discharge clearance in housing of pottery and porcelain, the spark voltage that inert gase is in charge of in order to stabilize discharge is filled in housing. Its are main the characteristic is to connect shed energy big, can amount to tens of KA, insulation resistance is extremely tall, flow without leakage, without ageing invalidation, without polarity two-way protection, static capacitance is dinky, special the thick protection that applies to equipment of news report of high speed network. The surge of be struck by lightning of the first class that can be used extensively at all sorts of power source and line is protected.

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