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Supply stick a twinkling to change voltage is restrained implement
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Seat: Guangdong · Shenzhen
Company name: Shenzhen city limited company of square new electron
Contact: Ms. Zhou Ni (sale) add me for commercial associate
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Ms. Zhou Ni (sale)

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Company business spreads: Http://zxm2007.electron.cn

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Answer speed fast (accept second class) , instantaneous draws power big (hundreds to thousands of tile) , leakage current is small (microamper class) , guide electrify presses precision tall, Qian voltage is easier control, volume is minor etc. It spares to protector electric arc of overvoltage of electrostatic, thunder, operation, breaker is lighted again wait for all sorts of electromagnetic wave interference is very effective, can restrain effectively in all interference of model, wrong standard, it is the first selection parts of an apparatus that microelectronics equipment overvoltage protects subtly.

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