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Supply segregation of photo corner signal to change send implement (three-phase
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Seat: Beijing · Beijing
Company name: Beijing flower dimension considers limited company of science and technology
Contact: Ms. Wang Liqin (other) add me for commercial associate
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Contact means
Ms. Wang Liqin (other)

Examine connection way
Company business spreads: Http://ewise526.electron.cn

Introduction of detailed information company contacts means

China of American EW company always acts as agent, all sorts of signal keep apart distribute transformer, temperature changes send implement, match
Quantitative change of electric equipment, report sends implement, surge protector, tonometer, block comes back, capacitance type expects a switch, heavy
The fluid that enter type plan, heavy weight type expects plan.
This product characteristic:
Terminal of ◆ surface wiring structure
◆ DIN orbit or surface are installed
4 end of ◆ are kept apart completely threefold
◆ small-sized ZLP931.rar

Product brand: American EW
Product standards: ZLP931
Product measure: 0
The specification that pack: Former plant is packed
The price explains: 0

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