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Supply glass to put fulgurite
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Seat: Guangdong · Shenzhen
Company name: Shenzhen city limited company of square new electron
Contact: Ms. Zhou Ni (sale) add me for commercial associate
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Ms. Zhou Ni (sale)

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Company business spreads: Http://zxm2007.electron.cn

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My company miniature dash forward wave absorb implement the product has the series such as GS41, GS37, GS35 and GSMD, wide
The board class overvoltage that extensive applies at the equipment such as network, communication and electrostatic defend.
Representative application limits: Copy watch system remotely to prevent thunder to contain intelligent water, report, gas 3 watches prevent thunder and data to collect implement prevent (avoid) thunder; System of intelligent parking lot is prevented (avoid) thunder; Intelligent control system is prevented (avoid) thunder; Prevent to saying system of doorbell, entrance guard, check on work attendance, one cartoon system, supervisory system (avoid) thunder; Port of data of communication of RS485, RS232; Cloud stage controller is prevented (avoid) thunder; Aether network switching equipment is prevented (avoid) thunder; Smooth end chance (light of chance of end of light of chance of video light end, data, frequency is carried machine) prevent (avoid) thunder; Video camera is prevented (avoid) thunder; Network camera is prevented (avoid) thunder; M-BUS bus line is prevented (avoid) thunder; Surge of be struck by lightning of E1/T1 communication port is protected; The low-pressure direct current source such as 5V and 12V is prevented (avoid) thunder; 220V alternating current source is prevented (avoid) thunder; Phone is prevented (avoid) thunder; Electrograph is prevented (avoid) thunder; VOIP equipment is prevented (avoid) thunder; ADSL modem is prevented (avoid) thunder;

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